OSALO Scientific Calculator Basic Large Display 10+2 Digits Written for Middle School (OS 82MS Pro)



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82MS scientific calculator82MS scientific calculator

The scientific calculator has 240 functions, supports basic calculations, memory calculations (answer/continuous/independent/variable/formula storage and repeated calculations), scientific function calculations (sin, cos, tan & inverse /cot, sec /hyperbolic & inverse /log and anti logarithms /Log to base /√, x√, 3√, x², x³, x(-1), X!, Angle unit conversion /Coordinate conversion/random number), statistical calculation (standard deviation/regression calculation/linear regression). It is very suitable for professionals and students to use in mathematics, science, algebra, trigonometry, statistics. It provides an LR44 battery to ensure that the battery will not be lost during those important exams or occasions. 82MS Pro provides additional functions such as verification, recurring decimals, and the coveted textbook display. This invisible black model is very suitable for personal preferences in the classroom and part of a range of color choices.

large displaylarge display

240 functions240 functions [240 functions]

Including score, statistics, complex number calculation, linear regression, standard deviation, permutation, and variable solving.

Functional diversity

View display: The view display function allows users to view the formulas, scores, and symbols you see in the textbook.

Multiple applications: suitable for trigonometric functions, logarithms, reciprocals, powers and roots, averages, sums, equations, and other fields.

It is ergonomically designed and provides a comfortable grip. Responsive buttons, clear numbers and scratch-resistant. A sturdy sliding protective case covers both sides of the calculator. Protect buttons and device body.

big buttonsbig buttons

Extra large display

12-digit LCD large display. The 2-line display shows the input and results at the same time. Work efficiently and error-free.

Ergonomically designed touch keysErgonomically designed touch keys

Ergonomically designed touch keys

The buttons are ergonomically shaped and confígured to match natural finger movement plastic soft and durable.

Built-in button batteryBuilt-in button battery

Built-in button battery

Good performance, stable current, large storage capacity, long service life, very small touch with the outside world, no need to replace it for a long time.

big buttonsbig buttons

Ergonomically designed touch keysErgonomically designed touch keys

Built-in button batteryBuilt-in button battery



The OSALO scientific calculator is suitable for use in schools, homes, offices, businesses, shopping malls, and other occasions; it will also be used by students, data analysts, and other users.

Model Type

240 417

Solar & Battery
Battery Solar & Battery

Battery Type
LR44 LR44

Black Silver

7.24 x 3.43 x 1.54 inches 7.5 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches

5.3 ounces(150 g) 6.3 ounces(180 g)

2-line large display: Double line LCD display is clearer, easier to read, allowing you to view the calculation formula and results at the same time. When using equations, the 12-digits large display can display equations at the same time, so that you can view computing and correction in high detail.
Scientific calculator is suitable for middle school students, easy to handle 1 and 2 variable statistical calculations and three angle modes (degrees, radians and gradients) suitable for advanced and elementary courses, including algebra, geometry, triangle, calculus, etc.
Sensitive keys and hard sliding cover: Sensitive keys come from premium induction buttons and will respond quickly to input characters. The ergonomically designed hard sliding cover can protect the calculator and provide a comfortable grip, playing a protective role in preventing breakage.
Power supply: The calculator is equipped with LR44 battery power supply, which can be guaranteed even in low light conditions. Compared with other common calculators on the market, it has a longer service life to support a longer working time of the calculator.

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