RENUS 8 Packs, 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator Function Calculator for Student and Teacher 16 AAA Batteries Included



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RENUS 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

Advanced Scientific Calculator with 2-line display/240 functions/Large screen/Replay function. Ideal for professional and student use in mathematics, science, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, engineering, chemistry and physics.

3 modes, COMP(Basic Arithmetic Calculations), SD(Standard Deviation), REG(Regression Calculations).

240 functions, support Basic Calculation (a b/c /%/degree,min.,sec./FIX.SCI.RND), Memory Calculation(answer /consecutive /independent /variables /formula storage and repetitive operation), Scientific Function Calculation (sin,cos,tan & inverse /cot,sec,csc /hyperbolic & inverse /log and antilogarithms /Log to base /√, x√, 3√, x², x³, x(-1), X!, xπ,A(n/m), C(n/m)… /angle unit conversion /coordinate conversion /EGN /random number), Statistical Calculation (standard deviation /regression calculation /linear regression).

A multi-functional helper for students in middle/high school, can largely raise your efficiency and accuracy.

All steps are clearly stated in the user manual.

Material and WeightMaterial and Weight

240 Functions240 Functions

LCD ScreenLCD Screen

Arithmetic CalculationsArithmetic Calculations

Degrees,Minutes,Seconds CalculationsDegrees,Minutes,Seconds Calculations

Fraction calculationsFraction calculations

Arithmetic Calculations

Negative values inside of calculations must be enclosed within parentheses.

It is not necessary to enclose a negative exponent within parentheses.

You can skip all [ ) ] operations before [ = ]

Degrees,Minutes,Seconds Calculations

you can perform sexagesimal calculations using degrees(hours),minutes,and seconds ,and convert between sexagesimal and decimal values.

Example: To convert the decimal value 12.58 to a sexagesimal value and then back to a decimal value

Fraction calculations

Values are displayed in decimal format auto matically whenever the total number of digits of a fractional value (Integer+numberator+denominator+separator marks) exceeds 10

results of calculations that mix fraction and decimal values are always decimal


11 Battery Included

AAA Battery x 2

AAA R03 1.5V

Super heavy duty

Not for retall market


Battery may explode or leak and cause personal injury

Compatible Battery: 2 * AAA battery (Icluded) Power Consumption: 0.0002W

RENUS 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

User Manual Included

Auto Shut-down: No operation in 5min

Item Size:6.1 * 3.3 * 0.6″

Item Weight: 0.256lb

Package Size: 6.2 * 3.5 * 0.7″

Package Weight: 0.29lb

View Display: The view display feature allows users to view formula, scores, and symbols as you see in textbook. Various application: Apply to such field as trig functions, logarithms, reciprocals, powers and roots, averaging, summation, equations . Testing helper: Standardized Testing Organization approved use for SAT, PSAT / NMSQT, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and more. Replay Key: Without having to restart the entire process, the special feature of replay allows to go back and change the individual numbers of the equation.

Calculation records can be read ,it will reduce double-counting and improve working efficiency.
2-line,12-digit widescreen HD display support superscripts function,Facilitate our calculations
AAA battery replaces button batteries,If you need to replace the batterys, just open the battery cover on the back without any tools.(batteries include)
Ergonomically designed hard sliding cover can protects the calculator and also provide a comfortable grip

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